Igert Zeqiri is a talented musician born in Elbasan. At the age of six, Igert discovered his love for music and started learning to play the cello at the Onufri Artistic High School. Driven by his passion for music, he never stopped striving to achieve his goals. At the age of ten, he joined the school orchestra and showcased remarkable abilities. Even at the age of nine, Igert made his first solo appearance, inspiring others with his exceptional talent. During his time at the high school, Igert won two prizes in national competitions, such as “PjetĂ«r Gaci” and “Young Artists.” After these early successes, he continued his studies at the University of Arts in Tirana, under the guidance of renowned artist Aristidh Prosi and later Professor Astrit Selita. Igert’s talents were not limited to the university, as he became the PRINCIPAL cellist of the university orchestra. During his time there, he also participated in numerous orchestras, including the RTSH Symphony Orchestra, TKOB orchestra, Kosovo Philharmonic, Albanian Youth Orchestra as the PRINCIPAL cellist, and the Tirana Philharmonic as the PRINCIPAL cellist. After completing his studies, Igert was invited as a music chamber pedagogue at the University of Arts in Tirana. In 2017, he returned to Elbasan as a cello teacher at the Onufri Artistic High School, aiming to inspire and nurture young talents. In March 2022, Igert achieved another significant milestone by winning the audition for the first cello position in the RTSH Symphony Orchestra. Currently, he continues to work with passion and dedication in this prestigious orchestra, creating marvelous music and inspiring the audience with his extraordinary talent.